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Our Secret to Successful Dog Training

Want to learn about how we have got it right for thousands of dog owners? Here's how we do it. In this short video I talk about our secret to successful dog training.

A Balanced Training System
That Build upon your previous successes

The secret to successful dog training and behavioural modification is in teaching your dog to know where its advantage lies through a series of enjoyable training exercises.

Our training program follows a tried and tested motivation matrix that has helped thousands of dog owners like yourself learn the skills they require to get their dog off to the right start and become an integrated part of the family.

Let us take you step-by-step in a fun and relaxed way and teach you the skills you need as well as all about the different types of motivation you have available to you.


I’ve been working with Dog’s for nearly 20-30 years and thought I knew quite a bit, but I’ve learnt quite a bit watching Paul handling the dogs, and he takes it to heart. Every dog is like his own dog


 Jeanette | Customer 


 Andrea & James | Customer 

It has really helped us to have dog that’s well trained and will do as you tell him and you can have him around other people and other Dogs and you know that he is always going to be we behaved. If you’ve got any dogs with just obedience issues or any behavioural issues. Sam used to always jump up and Paul solved that one for us. So he’s great


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