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Our Fairs Fair Refunds Policy

Effective Date: AUGUST 2021

Training your Dog takes more than just watching videos. This Digital dog training product can not be returned to us after a refund is processed and you can’t return our information and expertise after you’ve watched it, however we still want you to feel secure with your purchase which is why we offer our Fairs-fair 60-day Moneyback Guarantee to customers who can genuinely SHOW US that they have followed the training program and believe we still haven’t delivered what we said we would.


To expedite the refund process we require a detailed description outlining how the course failed to meet your expectations. This will allow us to review your request, make improvements to the course or the descriptions we use to promote it.


In order to apply for a refund please follow these steps


1. Contact us within 60 days of your purchase via email

2. Tell us why you want a refund. 


3.Give us the opportunity to make it right


4. If you still aren’t satisfied, we will issue a full refund without further delay. 


This is our Fairs-Fair Refund Policy


If we do process your refund you will no longer have access the training program or any of it’s contents

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